Sarband: Passions

Love and Suffering in the Waning of the Middle Ages

arband: Passions

Miriam Andersén: Gesang, Gotische Harfe
Susanne Ansorg
: Vielle, Rebec
Vladimir Ivanoff
: Perkussion, Laute, musikalische Leitung
Thomas Höft
: Rezitation

In the deepest suffering, there is passion; 

true passion embodies suffering.
Sarband explore this eternal truth of Christian thought,
derived from the Passion of Christ and the martyrdom
of the Saints, 
on a journey through the poetry, imagery
and music of the era that generated its attitude towards life
in it: 
the 15th century.

Projections confront compositions by
Prepositus Brixiensis, Nicolas Grenon, Walter Frye, Pietro Rosso, John Dunstaple, 
Gilles Binchois and Guillaume Dufay 

with the imagery of
Hieronymus Bosch, Sandro Botticelli and other contemporary artists.

Poems by François Villon comment on the still unsolved question of sin and redemption.

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«…dreamlike tranquillity of the late medieval songs … great musical achievement.» 

Kronen Zeitung, Graz (Austria), 12.4.2006


Sarband: Passions









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