arband: Son of the Sheik

Son of the Sheik  The legendary American silent movie with Rudolph Valentino meets oriental live music

Sarband: Son of the Sheik

In 1926, Hollywood captured its dream of the bold
and passionate 'Oriental' in the movie «Son of the Sheik» 
with the legendary Rudolph Valentino in
the leading role and thus nourished modern
orientalism of Anglo-American character.

Sarband complement, question, comment and
cast irony on the Western image of the Orient
with the sound of traditional Middle Eastern
music, confronting Hollywood's
imaginary Orient with its actual object. 

Sarband's musicians meet the «Son of the Sheik», this ingenious product of  western exotist fantasy, 

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«Sparkling finale: "Orient meets Occident" combines a silent movie, dance and music in a strong total experience.
If you missed this, you missed something superb: The final performance of "Orient meets Occident" … enchanted the audience.
The Europasaal is sold out, the atmosphere is terrific … And how they play! The chamber orchestra unleashes a sumptuous
abundance of colors … » Frank Piontek, Nordbayerischer Kurier (Germany), 28.08.2014

«Only the musicians of Sarband managed to inspire this period picture with the true Orient.» 

Susanne Leuteritz, Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), 7.6.2002

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«… right under Valentino's bedroom glance they not only illustrated the
silent movie, but also presented a real
masterwork of music ….»

Uwe Mitsching, Bayerische
Staatszeitung (Germany), 03.02.2006