Uğur Işık Violoncello & Ajaklı Keman

Ugur Isik

Uğur Işık was born in Istanbul in 1964.

At the age of ten, he started to play the Middle-Eastern lute Ud.
At the State Conservatory Istanbul he studied violoncello and Ud with Ömer,
Hüsnü Özenen, Nejat Tekebaş und Zafer Köke.

From 1985 to 1995 he taught at the conservatory himself.  Since 1985,
he has been a soloist on the Ud and violoncello for the Turkish Radio
and Television.

As a member of numerous chamber music ensembles (e.g. Anadolu Feneri,
Sultan's Minstrels, Minstrels Era, Seyir, Ince Saz), he performs worldwide.

Moreover, he has for a long time been working as a composer and producer
of movie and television music, amongst others he wrote the soundtrack for
the popular Turkish television series «The Last Ottomans» and for the
Canadian movie «Snow». He is also responsible for the entire musical
content of the Turkish news channel AHaber.




2005 he published his first solo album «Cello
unveils Anatolian Spirit», followed in 2008 by
«Cello Invocations».

He performs as a soloist in various European
countries since 2001. On the occasion of Istanbul -
Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010 he produced
the as yet most extensive anthology of Ottoman
music: «Darü'l-Elh an Külliyatı».

Since 2003, he performs with Ensemble Sarband.







M. Ravel: «L'Indifferent»
(Shéhérazade No.3)
Live, Bad Kissingen 12-08
Sarband & Bochumer
Live, Bochum 6-2011:



Gentlemen of the Road
6-2012 Sarband Festival «Tonfolgen» Bonn

Our Father Abraham
6-2012 Styriarte Graz